Here’s Exactly What You Need to Nail a Virtual Interview, Milspouse

November 29, 2018 - 1:50pm

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We all know the story: you have your dream career, dream home, your entire family is in a good place… and the orders come in to PCS.

It’s a common situation among military spouses, and each of us has our version of this story.

Military spouses have ranked spouse employment as a top concern in our Military Family Lifestyle Survey ten years in a row. One way we’re addressing this problem is connecting military spouses to meaningful career opportunities. That’s why we’ve partnered with MadSkills, which creates and manages remote workforces. MadSkills was founded by two Army spouses who understand our employment challenges first-hand and the type of talent employers want. They’ve also been part of and conducted hundreds of virtual interviews, which is a growing trend in civilian and military communities. Erica McMannes, co-founder and CEO of MadSkills, generously offered to do a series of four webinars with Blue Star Families (BSF) to explain everything you need to know about a virtual interview.

Virtual interviews can be ideal for military spouses because of all the surprises that continuously pop up in our lives. With the growing digital presence in today’s world, it is more common than you may think. Online interviews have also grown in popularity because of their convenience. But, if you have never done one before, how do you prepare?!

As awkward as talking to your computer may seem… it is very similar to a brick and mortar interview!


Dress the part: Dress your best! Even though it’s online, you still need to give a professional first impression.

Be aware of your background: Have a plain background that will not be distracting to your interviewers.

Come prepared: Know the platform you will be virtually interviewing on and have any necessary software downloaded beforehand. Test it, too.

Keep eye contact: Let your interviewer know you are attentive and engaged.

Practice as you perform: It can be awkward interviewing online for the first time. Have a friend do it with you first.


Have any distractions in your background: No loud noises or visuals that may be disruptive. (This includes your kids and pets!)

Prepare last-minute: You don’t want “flustered and unprepared” to be your first impression. As long as you stick to the Do’s list, you should be ready to conduct this interview and blow them away!  

Get scared away: Don’t be scared away that all online interviews are a scam, in most cases it’s legit.

Moral of the story: even though it’s online, it is still an interview! Show up on time (or early), prepared to present the best version of yourself and looking like the poised, professional military spouse you know you are! Heck, with all the experiences that come with being a military spouse, talking to a person on a screen should be a breeze.

Watch the MadSkills webinar below and start your journey to becoming an online interview pro!

By Megan Rhinehart

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