Here’s How Starbucks and BSF Work Together at Camp Lejeune

August 3, 2018 - 7:54am

We are always on the lookout for communities where military families could use the support and connection provided through Blue Star Families. As we assess areas of need, one of the first questions we ask ourselves is “Does Starbucks have a Military Family Store in the area?” As our partnership has evolved and strengthened, we’ve come to understand the substantial commitment and desire to positively impact military families that is part of the Starbucks ethos and has been displayed through our great continued partnership.

Last year, as we were approached about starting a new Blue Star Families chapter at Camp Lejeune, again, this was one of our first questions. We were thrilled to discover there was already a dedicated Military Family Store, as well as other supportive stores in the area who were a natural partner in launching our Camp Lejeune chapter. We were delighted to find out that 85 percent of Starbucks Partners at the Jacksonville dedicated Military Family Store are military spouses.

Over the past year, our Camp Lejeune team has grown and our partnership with the Jacksonville Military Family Store has blossomed. We’ve partnered on a school supply drive, hosted yellow ribbon trees and showed appreciation to our military spouses. We look forward to continuing to work together serving the families of Camp Lejeune.

In July, BSF’s Camp Lejeune Chapter hosted a Welcome to our Community Event in partnership with the dedicated Military Family Store with 50 adults and children in attendance. Military spouses were thrilled to connect for two hours, share resources, and enjoy a cup of coffee. Starbucks Partner, Lisa Justice shared that, “We enjoy supporting our military families.”

We’re thankful to be able to leverage our partnership in continuing to grow and thank you, Starbucks, for continuing to be by our side in creating communities supportive of our military families!

By Ashley Hayes

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